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Makeup Artist Secrets

Jlo & Kendall Jenner’s Makeup Artist Reveals Her Top Secrets

Makeup artist of Jennifer Lopez, Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Hailey Bieber, Eiza Gonzalez, and more, Mary Phillips is someone to take notes from. Recently, Phillips shared some of her top tips and tricks to achieve a flawless makeup look and we are all ears.  

1 || Foundation Application:

Start in The Center of The Face

The makeup guru prefers to start in the center of the face and work her way out when applying foundation. This is to avoid getting too much product near the hairline. 

Apply Foundation in Upward Strokes 

To lift the face, Mary likes to apply foundation in upward strokes. 

 Always Start With Less Product

According to Phillips, it is better to start with less product, as you can always add more later if needed, but putting too much on at the start can create a cakey mess. Also, always go light because you’re blending stuff together, so you just want to kind of gently work it in.

2 || Go Two Shades Darker For Contour

Mary advises going two shades darker to contour. Use it under cheekbones, a bit around the hairline, and on the jawline to create dimensions. 

3 || Concealer Application 

According to Mary, concealer should be applied in more areas than just your eyes. She likes to apply it to areas that she wants to highlight which are the center of the forehead, corners of the eyes where we get a bit of darkness, and the outer corners to give a little bit of a lift and highlight.

4 || Tools Not Fingers

Hmmm, if your fingers were the only tools you use to apply makeup, you are maybe a bit disappointed at the moment. “The technique is easy when you have a good tool,” says Phillips. Tools make your makeup look much more natural and flawless. 

5 || Double Check Lines And Pores

Mary advises that you make sure that the product is out of any line or pores before using setting powder or spray. This will help avoid any creases.

6 || Use Setting Powder

Mary uses a bit of setting powder to make sure everything stays in place. Also, she brushes any extra products off. 

7 || Apply Brush on The Right Spot

When it comes to blush, Phillips advises applying it where cheeks get big to just get a little bit of color. 

8 || What’s The Right Brush Size

She likes to use a big brush for bronzer and a smaller one for blush. Why? Because she likes to get an airbrushed look when applying bronzer. But that’s not the goal for blush so she sticks to a smaller brush when applying blush. 

9 || Use a Setting Spray

To help makeup stay intact in the heat. However, she states that it’s completely natural to make a little touch-up throughout the day if needed.