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Fighting Acne? || The Best Acne Fighters According To Dermatologists

Acne is inevitable! The only thing we can control though is the way we choose to deal with this skin issue… And these are unlimited ranging from over-the-counter creams for mild cases to professional treatments that are for more severe cases.

1 || Retinol

It’s been always an over-the-counter option to treat mild to moderate cases of acne. A new retinol innovation is Altreno which has the same drug found in Retin-A but the first of its kind in the form of lotion. This is a great option as it feels like your regular creams and it has glycerin and hyaluronic acid; the magical combo for hydrating. Another option that is the first new type of retinoid to be approved in a really long time is Aklief. It the first topical treatment to be proven to safely and effectively treat acne on the face, back, neck and chest.

2 || Winlevi

This is a new FDA-approved topical medicine treatment for treating acne. It offers a non-antibiotic option that targets the androgen receptor directly in the skin. It also affects the hormonal component of acne. It is the first topical treatment to control the production of oil and prevent inflammation.

3 || Laser Tag

Laser treatments are a great addition to the topical ones, especially for severe cases.

4 || Multimodality Treatments

Mixing skincare products with in-office treatments such as blue light, chemical peels, micro-needling, and/or laser is a great way to get ultimate results. Alongside diamond glow infusion the results would be so great and there will be very little downtime.

5 || Diamond Glow Infusion

One of the most popular acne-focused treatments. The great thing about it is that it’s a medical-grade system where one can customize the infused therapeutic serums to suit the patient’s needs. It suctions out white and blackheads while infusing medicated serums into the skin.