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Gym Lips

The “gym Lips” Trend Is Taking Over This Summer

If you use the lip liner that you use for full face makeup on your bare face, you know how overdone this can look. Not very attractive we know. Here is where the term “gym lips” came from. Celebrity makeup artist Kelli Anne Sewell invented this term after she applied a subtle lip combo before a workout. 

You may think that it is a technique that will allow you to recreate what your lips look like post-gym. Sorry to tell you that no, it is not. gym lips require over-lining your lips with a lip liner that is essentially the exact shade as your natural lip color so the liner blends really well, then filling them all in with that same pencil. The last step would be applying a sheer lip treatment. This will assure give you the appearance of fuller, plump lips while maintaining a natural look. 

While the look was created originally for the gym, it doesn’t have to be. You can wear it any time you are going the no-makeup route. Try the look and let us know what you think.