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Fake Tan Tips

Fake Tan Tips || How to Get It Just Right

Nothing looks better than a flawless self-tan, but how many times did you manage to achieve such results?

Even if you bought the best fake tan product in the world, fake tan mistakes still happen. Yep, you can avoid unreal results by learning how to apply your self-tan product, but if you still can’t get it right, there are other things you may be doing. Here are a few fake tan mistakes you are probably making.

1 || Shopping The Wrong Formula

The countless formulas on the market can be overwhelming. So if you are new to fake tan, the optimal choice for you would be a whipped formula. Its firm texture makes it the easiest to apply compared to mousses or other options.

Otherwise, if you have oily skin or want something quick, go for mousses. For beginners, it’s advisable to select a mousse with a guide color, as it allows you to see where you’re applying the product. Clear fake tan may end up with a few issues once it’s developed.

2 || Skip Exfoliating

Or not doing it properly. The top tip, if you want even and flawless results, is to exfoliate. Exfoliating helps in removing any old tan and getting rid of dry and dead skin. Remember that fake tan can cause undesirable orange patches on dry and rough areas.

3 || Tanning Right After Shaving

Not only shaving, but you also shouldn’t do any hair removal immediately before your fake tan. And this explains the strawberry legs you’ve been left with after tanning. The best thing to do is to do your hair removal at least 24-48 hours before you tan. Otherwise, the tan may accumulate within the hair follicles. If you’re tanning at the last minute and have to shave, try rinsing your body with cold water and moisturizing before applying your tan.

4 || Not Rinsing Properly In The Shower

Yep, we didn’t imagine it too, but failing to thoroughly rinse off any residue from your body wash, shaving gel, shampoo, and conditioner while showering can lead to streaks in your tan. Unsightly lines can mean you have something lingering on your skin. Another pro tip to avoid undesirable outcomes is to make exfoliation the final step in your shower routine.

5 || Using Dirty Tools

Clean your application tools! Using a dirty mitt is one of the biggest mistakes of fake tan. Dirty tools can cause streaks and ruin your flawless tan plans. Additionally, incorporate brushes! Soft-bristle brushes work wonders in seamlessly buffing and blending everything together.

6 || Neglecting Proper Moisturization in Specific Areas

Dry areas like ankles, knees, wrists, hands, elbows, and areas with dry skin conditions, such as eczema, should be moisturized before applying your tan product. Use an oil-free moisturizer on these areas a few minutes before using your self-tan.