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Scalp Microneedling Might Be All That You Need For Hair-Growth

We are familiar with micro needling for face skin and we love its rejuvenating effects. It basically works by creating tiny controlled injuries that as they heal leave the skin with a softer and more radiant look with less visible fine lines and wrinkles. Now, this effective treatment is making its way to the scalp.

The treatment can be a great option for those who don’t want to resort to hair supplements, oils, or creams and want fast results. Here is everything you need to know.

How Is It Done?

The process is similar to the one done to the face, the only difference is that the scalp requires longer needles to penetrate more deeply.

The Benefits

The microscopic wounds created by the tiny needles help stimulate growth factors and tissue recovery which results in rebuilding the scalp and hair follicles. The treatment alone won’t shift your hair from thin to thick, your aesthetician usually combines scalp micro-needling with PRP or exosome treatments for enhanced results.

Can I Do It At Home?

While there are micro-needling devices available for at-home use, it’s important to note that performing the treatment on your own may not be as effective or safe as having it done by a licensed professional in a clinical setting. For scalp micro-needling to yield noticeable results, the needle depth should be at least 1.5 mm, but most at-home dermal scalp rollers only range between .25 mm and .5 mm in depth. This means they won’t penetrate as deeply as a professional micro-needling device, and their smaller size can pose significant risks.

Furthermore, reusing at-home rollers can harbor bacteria and cause infection, and there is a higher risk of bleeding, scarring, hair loss, and thinning. Therefore, we highly recommend having scalp micro-needling done at a trusted clinic for safer and more efficient outcomes. In such cases, you only need to ensure a clean and healthy scalp to reap the maximum benefits from the procedure.

What To Expect?

It’s important to be patient and realistic with your expectations when undergoing this treatment, as achieving the best results will require multiple sessions. Consistency is key, and you can improve your results by complementing the treatment with regular scalp massages and using hair growth-stimulating topical products, such as minoxidil.

You’ll start seeing results in six weeks but even after that it is critical to continue with the treatments to achieve maximum results.