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The Biggest Skincare Trends Of 2021

has taught us many things; the most important one is to do things on our own. As we spent the greatest part of the year at home we were obligated to do our full skincare routine on our own, so we came up with new things that we thought we couldn’t do ourselves. COVID-19 has affected every single aspect of our lives and the skincare world isn’t an exception. The Beauty world has never failed to come up with new things that will suit our needs. 2021 will change the rules and will bring us a lot of new and innovative skincare creations.

1 || Maskne Skincare

The word “maskne” has become so familiar to us during 2020. It is simply acne that is caused by friction from wearing a face mask. In 2021 we will see a lot of creams, sprays, and face masks with zinc oxide that are made to strengthen your skin barrier so you don’t have to break out every time you go out.

2 || Microbiome Skincare

Microbiome products will be one of the biggest skincare trends in 2021. Probiotics, the friendly bacteria, have always been a great part of our morning routines as we believe it supports our gut and overall health. However, the idea of slathering these living bacteria on our faces wasn’t even an option till 2021 came. A lot of researches have linked certain types of acne to an imbalanced microbiome and claimed that a healthy balanced microbiome equals healthy skin. Although it will be huge in the skincare market, it is important to do your research before indulging in this beauty craze.

3 || Blue-light Focused Skincare

2020 was ZOOM year with all the virtual meetings and gatherings. This included sitting in front of our screens and being exposed to blue light more than ever. We have all suffered from what is called “zoom face” as this light may actually incite similar signs of photo-aging. This explains why blue-light protection products have increased by 170 percent in the first half of 2020. We will see a lot of iron oxide, zinc oxide, niacinamide, as well as a few specific antioxidants and vitamins in blue-light blocking options.

4 || Smarter At-Home Gadgets

This was inevitable. Lockdowns made us turn to at-home devices and the beauty world is giving us more of that. Beauty brands are inventing genius gadgets that will bring salons and clinics to our homes. This will save us so much effort, time, and luckily money.. What not to love?

5 || Refillable Skincare Products

COVID-19 has made us more aware of our planet. A lot of brands are embracing sustainability and eco-friendly products. And packaging design is a huge part of sustainability. We have already seen many brands transitioning to 100 percent recyclable packaging and more brands will go this path in the years to come. 2021 will witness brands offering refillable vessels as part of their movement towards sustainability.

6 || Minimal Skincare

2021 will witness a great cut in our skincare steps. Not only because we go out less, but also because of the post-covid economic downturn… Also, as we mentioned before, we became more aware of the effects of our beauty products on the environment. Here where the multipurpose products come in handy. We will be using one product to get the same results as multiple ones. The goal will be to buy fewer, but better.