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Not Into Microblading? || Easy Ways To Perfect Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows play a major role in highlighting your facial best features. They can change your whole look literally. If you’ve got your eyebrows done wrongly once you know what we are talking about. If you have thick and full brows you’re lucky, otherwise, we guess you are always on the look for new technologies and tricks to fill these babies out. Microblading is a well-known way to get semi-permanent tinted brows. But what if you are not yet ready for such procedures or have rosacea, keloids, thin skin, or post-inflammatory pigmentation? Here are some simple tips to perfect your eyebrow shape without microblading. 

1 || Eyebrow Lamination 

This treatment is like a styling session for your brows. Unlike microblading, no needles or pigment included. Eyebrow lamination focuses on taming those brows and keeping them in a certain shape for six to eight weeks using keratin. Note that you can’t do lamination if your brows are sparse as it only works on natural hairs. 

The treatment is done by lifting your brows up using a cream, then they will be brushed upward. After that, a neutralizer will be applied to help seal your brows into place. Finally, your professional will apply a nourishing oil to help prevent skin irritation and hair dryness. 

2 || Use At-Home Tinted Tool 

Perfect Eyebrows
Brow Lacquer

Before using the Joey Healy Brow Lacquer or your favorite brow pencil you need to tweeze and trim your brows then use the pencil to keep them tinted and in place. Another way that gone viral on TikTok recently, is to dye your brow hairs using beard and mustache hair color. We think we’re gonna stick to our pencils 🙂

3 || Use a Microblading Pen

Perfect Eyebrows
Microblade Pen

Well, you can always go for a real microblading, but if you are not a fan, a microblading pen might do the job for you. This pen is waterproof, sweat-proof and will give you the same effect of a real microblading without all the headache. 

4 || Have You Heard of Brow Henna?

Neither have we. But according to experts, it is so effective for adding a lasting tint. Henna will tint your hairs and slightly your skin too to give an illusion of fuller eyebrows. The cherry on top? It will last for at least four and six weeks on the brow hairs themselves and 10-14 days on the skin. 

5 || Use A Highlighter 

Added brow powders, pencils, and tinted gels and still not getting the result you want? Use a highlighter under your brows to get that sharp definition. So instead of making your hairs darker, make them a bit darker and the skin around a bit lighter to get the same amount of definition.