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Skincare Routine

Signs It’s Time To Rethink Your Skincare Routine

Just because everyone is obsessed with a certain skincare product, doesn’t mean it works for you. This is a rule you need to keep in mind every time a product takes over.

We all love to try new skincare and get the great results it claims. But this won’t work all the time. The question remains, how do we know if it’s time to farewell a certain product? These signs are the answer.

1 || Dry & peeling skin

Dry and peeling skin means you’re probably using too many acids. Peels and face washes like foam cleansers can contain harsh acids that do not suit your skin. If that’s the case, it’s time to consider a change.

2 || Rashes

Rashes can be a big sign of an allergic reaction due to using certain products. Preservatives, fragrances, or acrylates found in makeup and skincare products can cause rashes. So the best thing to do is to switch to mild, hypoallergenic products until the inflammation stops. Also, do not scratch or exfoliate the area till it heals completely. To determine which ingredients are causing the inflammation, you can consider getting allergy patch testing at your dermatologist’s office.

3 || Your skin is breaking out

Breakouts can be an indicator that your skin is reacting to some products negatively, especially if you don’t have acne-prone skin. Your skin may break out when you incorporate a new product, so allow it to adjust to a new routine for two to three weeks. Make changes one at a time to better evaluate your products.

4 || Reactions are recurring

Naturally, your skin will react when you introduce it to a new routine. But if after a week, you kept seeing symptoms, try to stop using the product for one week and see if they resolve. Use it again for a week, if your skin reacted, then you’ve found the culprit.

5 || Oily skin

If your skin is not naturally oily, then maybe your product formulas are affecting it. Harsh peels and cleansers strip your skin’s natural oil layer, urging it to produce more oil to make up for this dryness, which can lead to extra oily skin. To solve this switch to serums and gel-cream moisturizers that are infused with hyaluronic acid, which provides hydration (water) without adding oil. Also, try a weekly charcoal mask to control excess oil issue.

6 || Your Face Burns or Stings

A slight tingly sensation is totally different from a painful burning one. But how to tell the difference? The tingling effect you feel due to some active ingredients getting to work lasts for moments not minutes. If your face hurt when you touch it, burns for hours after washing it using a certain product, or stays red for more than an hour after using the product then you should eliminate the product immediately. You need to carefully pick your beauty products, especially if you have super sensitive skin. Some anti-aging ingredients can be too strong for you, so you may want to switch to gentler ones.

7 || You’re getting hives

Hives are a sign your body is reacting to ingredients found in certain products. If you experienced them, eliminate the product and consult your dermatologist. You might need to apply cool water compresses followed by a hydrocortisone cream and oral—not topical—Benadryl to control the hives.

8 || Your skin feels tight

Skin tightness can indicate a certain formula is not for you. This mostly applies to using the wrong cleansers as they strip the skin of its natural oil leaving it dehydrated. To treat your skin look for pH-balanced products.

9 || Dark spots

Well, yes dark spots are linked to long-term sun exposure. But when things don’t seem to get better with the use of sunblock, your sunblock may not be giving you the needed protection.Choose SPF 30 or above with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.