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Foundation In Water Trend Is Taking The Internet By Storm

Hydrating properties are what make a foundation great. The more comfort, creaminess, ease of application, and surge of moisture the foundation gives the better. And thankfully, such products are available in the market like the one we love LES BEIGES Water-Fresh Tint from Chanel. 

And in the latest TikTok trend, you will be able to achieve such hydration using your regular foundation. Simply put your foundation in water before applying it. Makeup artist Danielle Marcan appeared in a TikTok video pumping her foundation in a cup of water and then applying it on her face. And while it looks strange in the glass, her foundation looks great in application. 

Well, while the trick works, it is similar to wetting your makeup sponge with water before using or spraying rose water on the skin for extra hydration. So according to some makeup artists, it is better to use one of these tricks instead of wasting a lot of product and time putting your foundation in water. Of course, you can try the trend yourself, but why go for it when you can achieve the same results in faster, easier and cleaner ways?