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Chebe Powder

Will This Old-Beauty Tradition Grow Your Hair Down to Your Waist?

The beauty of the beauty world lies not only in the new offerings it provides us all the time but in opening our eyes to some old-beauty traditions that we haven’t heard or been aware of. Chebe powder is an ancient-beauty tradition used by the Barasa tribe to reduce breakage and help women maintain their waist-length hair. Recently, a lot of beauty experts are talking about it as one of the most hydrating ingredients especially for those with textured hair. So what is it? How to use it? and will it really help with hair growth? 

What Is Chebe Powder? 

It is a natural powder that is made of a mix of ingredients such as cherry seeds, lavender, resin tree sap, cloves, and stones. Seeds from each plant are harvested, dried, and then ground into a fine powder that can be used as a base for leave-ins and hair masks. 

Traditionally, women in Chad used to mix it with water creating a thick mix that is then applied to the hair to keep it well-moisturized and reduce shedding and 

Does It Help With Hair Growth?

According to experts, Chebe powder on its own won’t help with hair growth, but it will definitely help maintain your natural hair length. It’ll also nourish and hydrate your locks. So why is it linked with hair growth? well, the fact that it aids with the improvement in length retention (in terms of preventing breakage) is what leads to its ability to have one’s hair grow longer.  

Other of its benefits would be locking in moisture, reducing breakage, keeping hair color vibrant and, mildly exfoliating the scalp.

How To Use?

You have two options; either apply it like they used to do before by mixing the pure powder with water. Or for a less messy application buy a ready hair oil or leave-in conditioner with Chebe powder in it. If your hair is Afro or really textured and you decided to use the pure formula apply it before showering on mid-lengths and ends then put your hair into thick braids. Leave for a minimum of one to two hours and longer up to 3-4 days if possible. Yep, you heard that right. Don’t expect an easy wash out though… If your hair is thin, it is recommended to avoid the treatment, but if you wanted to use it don’t keep it as long, as it will end up weighing it down. 

For the leave-in or hair oil, apply as you would do with other similar products. Once or twice a month would be enough as it is a deep treatment.