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Body Gua Sha

Why Body Gua Sha Should Be a Part Of Your Beauty Routine?

We can’t get enough of Gua Sha. Its benefits for the face and skin are just obsessive. It relieves tension, boosts circulation, and improves lymphatic drainage in the face for an overall more contoured, depuffed, glowing complexion. So why not let other body parts benefit from this therapeutic practice?
The good news is that body Gua Sha is a thing now and using it for the whole body is as simple as using it for the face. Here are the major benefits of body Gua Sha that will make you want to add to your routine right now.

Smooths Out Cellulite

Gua sha is the best technique to reduce cellulite, tension, and fluid retention. The gua sha tool helps reduce stress and break up fascia adhesions and connective tissue, increasing blood flow in the skin so more nutrients are in and a lot of waste is out. Also, releasing fluid and fatty tissue stuck in the fascia will help improve skin texture.

Lymphatic Drainage

Using body gua sha the right way promotes your strokes in natural lymph flow. This will help you to get rid of toxins and extra fluid in the body decreasing swelling. Gua sha is ideal for lymphatic drainage just make sure to go lighter on areas with more lymph nodes. It is also great for stimulating blood circulation and promoting wound healing and detox, especially in areas that tend to hold a lot of toxins like the breast, armpits, and under the chin. 

Relieves Muscle Tension And Stress

Alongside all the physical benefits of gua sha like releasing muscle tension, especially in the shoulders, legs, and back, the process is so relaxing. The Gua sha tool reduces stress by lowering cortisol levels so it can improve sleep too.

Improves Microbiome Health

Bad microbiome health means bad body detox. Gua sha can improve our microbiome health by relieving passageways like lymph nodes, muscles, and fascia of tension in healthy and lubricated form. This gives gua sha an anti-inflammatory effect that is great for the gut too.

Improves Skin Function And Hydration

No wonder why we use facial gua sha with our skin products! It helps your products penetrate deeper and have a more prolonged, lasting effect. The same goes for the body. You will notice that your body complexion is becoming smoother and more hydrated over time.