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Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima Reveals Her Inside & Out Beauty Secrets

Looking at Adriana Lima’s glowing skin, it won’t be that hard to realize that the mom of two girls (with a baby boy on the way) knows something or two about taking care of herself. The Brazilian model believes that taking care of her inside beauty is no less important than taking care of her outside. In fact, her glow is a result of a healthy mind, body, and soul.

And while she has always approached beauty from a health-first perspective, becoming a mom made her turn her beauty cabinet upside down. As the model understands her mission of passing down healthy habits to her kids. What are her secrets? Let’s find out below.

1 || Hydration

Staying hydrated is so important for Lima. But like all of us, she struggles to stay hydrated all the time. That’s why she finds Waterdrop very helpful.

“I love the idea of having different flavors that are not only natural but also have some vitamins that help you feel better and more productive throughout the day. You can mix flavors, like guava and mango, so it’s more enjoyable to drink water every day.”

2 || Movement is a Must

Adriana never skips warmup. She starts any workout with 5 – 10 minutes of cardio, jumping rope to be specific. For her; “The warm-up is great to get the body awakened and the circulation going.”

3 || Gua Sha

Lima loves Gua Sha, but not on her face! She uses it on sore muscles at the gym. Yep, you hear it right. “I use the gua sha the most when I’m working out at the gym. If I have a hurt muscle or something is sore, I’ll use it on the area that’s bothering me.

4 || Essential Oils Power

Adriana believes in the power of essential oils so much. That’s why she has different types of essential oils all over her house so she can use them depending on the vibe. For instance, at night, she uses lavender mixed with vanilla to help calm herself and her kids down. Also, sometimes she even adds a few drops of essential oils to her drink.

I usually get them [essential oils] at Whole Foods, but there’s one that I like that’s a little pricier. DoTerra On Guard Protective Blend is incredible if you want to guarantee you’re using something clean and pure. It helps with your immune system too. You can use it in your diffuser, on your skin, or even put a few drops in your drink.

5 || She Washes Her Face With Bottled Water

Yep, you heard that right. Adriana cares about her skin so much to the point that she avoids washing her face with sink water as it is full of chemicals and encourages bacteria. That said, she washes her face either with purified or bottled water.

6 || Switching to Plant-Based Products

After becoming a mother, she switched her beauty products to natural and plant-based ones. Her favorites are Soma Ayurvedic products especially their vitamin C serum, their anti-aging cream, their eye gel, and their body oil. She uses the oil as a cream alternative to treat stretch marks.“The body oil is jasmine and it smells incredible. Being pregnant, you have to care for stretch marks. I don’t like creams on my skin because I feel that it’s not natural. Oil is a richer and more natural form [of hydration] that’s my belief. I use it every day on my whole body.

7 || Makeup

Lightweight makeup is her way to go. She doesn’t like heavy foundations, so she uses her dermatologist’s lightweight foundation which has sunblock in it.

8 || For Showering

She switched to clean products for showering. Her favorites are Not Your Mother Naturals shampoo and conditioner from Whole Foods. She also loves the Weleda Creamy Body Wash. “It smells like lavender and I’m just obsessed.”

9 || Body Glow

To show her legs and give them the shimmer needed she uses Patrick Ta made this All-Over Glow Balm. “It’s a compact cream, and it’s not oily at all. I use it for the runway, the red carpet, and any festival. It’s something I’ll always have on my body.”