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20-Something? || Are You Too Young For Botox?

Am I too young? Should or Shouldn’t I? Is it gonna make me look worse in the years ahead? 

These are all questions that may have popped into your head regarding getting Botox in your 20s. If you have been there you are not alone. Many ladies start thinking of preventative Botox in their late 20s to avoid deeper wrinkles as they age. Yes, fine lines start to show in the late 20s but that is not the only factor that makes us ladies resort to Botox at this age. With the huge impact of social media and its filters on us, there is no surprise that this minimal-invasive procedure is going viral amongst young women recently. Wherever you are and whether you’re interested or not, if you have an Instagram account then I am sure you have come across at least one ad of a cosmetic clinic and seen mind-blowing before-and-after images of their work. This explains the dramatic increase in cosmetic procedures especially Botox amongst younger women. 

Mostly, if you considered Botox in your 20s, your primary goal is prevention. You want to age gracefully, so you start to do a little bit all the way through. To achieve this goal, at this young age your doctor will start slow by employing a lower dose of Botox in certain areas of your face such as the forehead and around the eyes. Yep, if you started young you will need much less Botox as you age… This is what they made us believe.

The other side of the story is not as pleasant. Too many Botox in the same area will actually age you! Yep, you heard that right. Dermatologists say that facial muscles naturally weaken over time and getting too much Botox in certain areas will result in unwanted consequences. Your skin will become thinner and weaker. And when your muscles are weaker in the forehead for example they can start to recruit surrounding muscles like your nose to make facial expressions which result in wrinkles along the side of the nose. So more Botox in these new “expressions-making” areas. 

Another thing is that Botox for many many years will wither your muscles from underuse, resulting in smaller muscles thus less volume. And that’s yet another unwanted sign of aging. Additionally, if you start getting Botox in your 20s, your brows may start to drop earlier than would be normal for you. Also, if the smile lines are treated aggressively too early, it can flatten off the sides of the eyes; which can give a more unnatural smile. Not so tempting ha? 

The bottom line: Your “expression lines” are part of who you are so it’s not something that you should try to hide. But if you insist, the best favor you can do to your skin is to find a professional doctor that’ll give you the right advice. Because if they see that your lines are only attractive expression lines and are part of who you are then they’ll recommend you to leave the procedure for a little bit longer. And they will usually treat what they see not your age. 

Have a good one.