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Skin-Care Products Diet

Skin-Care Products Diet Is a Thing || Does Your Skin Need it?

The beauty world moves very fast that we can’t even follow up with everything that is happening out there. You know what? we don’t have to. Simply because the world has changed and gone are the days of 12-plus step skin-care routines, and in their place comes more straightforward routines where less is definitely more. So, instead of needing to have more products, you may want to cut down on what you already have. 

But you need to be flexible in that as experts suggest. This means you can add products when your skin needs them, then get back to basics maybe for a short period once again. Listen to your skin. 

The idea of a products diet first started in Korea, when Korean dermatologists recommended their patients with extreme redness, breakouts, and inflammation to go back to basics. The result? a healthier and clearer skin. And that’s how such things become a thing!

Does Your Skin Need a products Diet? 

Well, when you use a lot of products on your skin, you run the risk of issues like breakouts, irritation, and inflammation. What happens is that too much unnecessary fluff can cause inflammation and break down the protective barrier which affects the skin’s balance and pH levels, resulting in blemishes, redness, rashes, and sensitivities. Who wants to damage her skin after all! 

One should consider a products diet if you’re having a skin problem or if your skin isn’t responding to a certain product. Otherwise, if you are happy with your multistep routine just keep it up.

How Does It Work?

Well, same as your food diet which you don’t live on forever, your products diet is not permanent as well. By removing some products from your routine you will be able to identify what works for you and what causes you issues, then you can add the good products back if necessary. 

How Is It Done? 

Firstly, if you’re having irritation or any skin problems, start removing products with fragrances, sulfates, acids, or exfoliating agents from your routine. Now create a list of all the eliminated products and add them back once at a time every two weeks to know which one is causing the problem (start from your favorite). The only products you should be using after the elimination process are a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. 

A diet also includes cleaning all your makeup brushes.