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Avoid These Things After Your Hair Coloring Appointment

So what’s after spending so much time, effort, and money looking and getting the perfect hair color? Hmm, it is time to maintain it and protect it for as long as possible. And to achieve this there are somethings that you need to avoid.

1 || Washing Your Hair Immediately

So how long do you have to wait before washing your dyed hair? Well, hair stylists suggest that you should at least wait three days before washing your hair. This time allow the cuticle to close and the color to set. Working out is another thing that you should avoid in the first three days after coloring your hair as sweat may affect the color, and you’ll need to shower after… The best thing to do is to reschedule your workout sessions.

2 || Washing Your Hair Daily

Washing your hair 1-3 times per week is your best way to keep fresh hair color intact for as long as possible. The habit of daily shampooing will not only wash away a little bit of your hair color every day but will also strip your scalp of the natural oils needed to keep your hair fresh, shiny, and healthy.

3 || Using Hot Water

With or without coloring, hot water is bad for your hair as it strips it of its natural oils. When you wash your dyed hair with hot water the outer layer of hair color lift which cause the color to fade. Instead, wash with cool or lukewarm water as it helps in closing the cuticle and lock the color in.

4 || Washing With A Sulfate-Filled Shampoo

You need a color-safe shampoo and sulfate is completely the opposite. Resort to a sulfate-free shampoo if you want to maintain your fresh hair color for longer. Sulfate shampoos are not an option especially for those who shower daily.

5 || Exposing Your Hair To the Sun

The sun is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to color-strippers. Avoid too much sunlight and make sure to use a hair SPF. A good UV spray protectant and a hat that protects from UV rays may come in handy.

6 || Using Treatments & Masks

While these may seem nourishing and great options to maintain a healthy-looking color, it is quite the opposite. They may strip away your hair color, as they penetrate deeply and drag the pigment out of your hair. Your best bet? Wait for one week before you get back to your regular hair care routine.

7 || Skipping Protection

Never style your hair after coloring it without heat protection. Every time you blow-dry your hair, use a flat or curling iron make sure to use heat protection. No matter how healthy your hair is, heat will affect it drastically from stripping its color to causing serious damage. Heat protections are perfect for locking in moisture, protecting the color, and keeping your hair healthy. Another thing is to avoid using hair volumizers, mousse, hairsprays, and even gels for a long period of time as they may cause serious damage.

8 || Avoid Chlorine

Chlorine is a bleaching agent which means it fades your hair dye fast, really fast. Blonde hair has shown to turn green [from chlorine] while darker hair becomes duller and loses its shine. And the last thing you want after spending a good amount of time and money on coloring your hair is to expose it to something like chlorine. No, we are not saying you can’t enjoy your swimming time, but make sure you stretch out your pool outings and use protecting products before swimming.