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Laser Lip Flip

The Laser Lip Flip || For A Fuller Pout Without Any Needles

Looking for a way to achieve fuller lips without the use of needles? Look no further than the LipLase. The latest needle-free, filler-free treatment uses laser energy for plumper lips and a more pronounced pout. Something a lot of us (those who are not willing to go under the knife) were waiting for. 

How Does It Work? 

Using the Fotona laser, the LipLase procedure can improve both the barcode lip lines on the top lip and enhance the outline of your lips, called the vermilion borders. The laser stimulates the tissue to produce collagen by using gentle energy. Additionally, specific laser settings are employed to tighten the skin of the vermilion border, making it look better. 

Is It Safe?

The procedure involves applying heat to the lips which can make you a bit worried. According to dermatologists, the treatment is very safe for young patients who want to enhance the natural shape and volume of their lips and don’t need lip filler, as well as, for more mature patients who aim to reduce vertical lines and smooth and polish their lips. 

Can LipLase Be Used Alongside Injectables? 

LipLase is enough to give you the results you are seeking. But if you are okay with injections, a bit of neurotoxin can help perfect the lip flip results.

How Many Treatments Do You Need? 

The number of treatments required varies depending on the patient. Typically, younger patients may achieve results after just one or two sessions, whereas older patients may require three to five sessions for optimal outcomes. And it is important to do maintenance sessions every four to six months.