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What’s Trending In The World of Hair Treatments

Your hair can literally make or break your day. We are sure that you have experienced the confidence it comes with great-looking hair and on the other hand, how bad it feels to have a bad hair day. This explains the rise in seeking more hair salons and treatments and the expansion in the world of hair treatments. 

Whatever you are considering doing for your hair health, we have gathered the latest and most trending treatments for ultimate hair health. 

1 || The Power of Cut + Color

Well, as simple as it may sound, the power of having a new haircut and a new color should not be underestimated. Considering a new haircut and color can be a life-transforming experience. 

2022 hair colors are all about brunette tones, natural-looking dimensions, and ‘70s blondes. The change doesn’t have to be dramatic, minor changes can make a huge difference in your appearance and personal image. 

2 || New Lengths

If you are not into a new hair color or a dramatic haircut, you may want to consider adding new lengths to your hair. This will refreshen your hair and give it the volume it needs to look great. 

3 || Personalized Keratin

If you can’t live without keratin you need to make sure that the formula used is made for your hair needs. So make sure to ask your hair stylist for the specifics of your formula. As the formaldehyde or formaldehyde-releasing chemicals in-salon treatments contain can wreak havoc on your strands and leave you with dry, and damaged hair in the long-term use.  

4 || Hair Masks 

Olaplex’s latest in-salon innovation, the 4-in-1 Moisture Mask used every once in while can do wonders to your hair. The highly concentrated mask includes elevated levels of ceramides, oils, and amino acids to help repair broken bonds, add shine, tame unruly strands, and deliver intense moisture to dry hair. 

5 || Micro-needling with PRP

The collagen-rejuvenating treatment does wonder when used on the scalp. It stimulates the stem cells in the hair root, awakening the scalp and pushing any dormant follicles into ‘growth mode’. The micro-needling with PRP is a great option for people who suffer from hair thinning or anyone with a family history of hair loss over time. However, you should know that this treatment won’t grow hair where follicles no longer exist. If that’s your case, then you may want to consider a hair transplant. 

To get the best out of the PRP treatment, you will need to target follicles during each of the three hair growth and shedding phases. This requires three sessions of PRP therapy four to six weeks apart. And to maintain great results you may want to keep up with sessions every six months. 

6 || The Fotona Laser  

The Fotona laser is mainly used to brighten and smooth complexion. It can also be used to tighten the skin. Used off-label, some dermatologists found that it is great to nourish hair follicles. Not only that, the laser showed great results in treating many different forms of hair loss. 12 sessions, spaced two weeks apart are recommended for the best results. 

7 || Surgical Solution

If non of the above worked, then you may want to consider the only permanent solution for hair loss which is a hair transplant. The treatment involves taking a viable hair graft or follicle from one part of the body and placing it in a different part, which is the scalp in our case. 

The two techniques for extracting graft are; the strip technique, and/ or the follicular unit extraction technique. Most patients prefer the second one, as it is the least invasive and it doesn’t leave a visible scar. The good thing about this solution is that the transplanted hair will continue growing as if it has always been there. To know whether or not you are a candidate you need to consult your doctor.