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What Is The “Supermodel Supplement” LYMA?

In 2018, British personal trainer Russell Bateman launched a new daily multivitamin known as LYMA. He spent almost two years developing the supplement to meet the needs of his top clients which include Victoria’s Secret models. 

This exceptional supplement contains a plethora of powerhouse ingredients such as KSM-66 Ashwagandha, Wellmune, Cognizin, Lycord Lycopene, Cynatine HNS, Hydrocurc, K2Vital, and Vitamin D3, all put together in a slick copper-colored tablet that makes your go-to gummy vitamins seem a bit lame. 


Four pills any time a day promise to make you less anxious and stressed, less fatigue, and improve your sleep. Also, they will give you more brain energy and antibodies, shorter colds, smoother skin, and stronger hair and nails. The exciting addition of saffron in the newly-developed formula is said to help diminish anxiety and increase mental resilience. As you already know chronic inflammation can lower mood so the anti-inflammatory properties help keep things in check. 

Created to change lives with minimal effort, LYMA supplements have gained great reviews among consumers which are happy with the results they saw from better skin and night’s sleep to less stress and anxiety. 

Every LYMA Starter Kit includes a 30, 90, or 180-day supply of the LYMA formula. The basic box is sold for around $216. We believe the world’s most scientifically validated super supplement does worth the try.