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Volux || The New Jaw Filler That Will Take Over Soon

Early this month, a new jawline filler was approved by the FDA, introducing  Volux; the first hyaluronic acid-based injectable filler that specifically targets the jawline. The manufacturing company claims that this innovation will change the jawline filler game. Here is everything you need to know. 

What Does It Do?

Made of hyaluronic acid, Volux filler helps define the jawline. It has more structure and cohesivity and lift capacity compared to Juvéderm’s other dermal fillers. And because it is a lot firmer, it gives patients the chiseled jawline they always seek.

How Does It Work?

The filler will be injected deep onto the bone along the jawline and chin to contour the jaw and give it more definition and structural support. Topical numbing creams are used to ease the pain. Results can be seen after your first injection. 

Are You A Candidate?

Anyone over the age of 21 can be a candidate. However, stay away from this treatment if you have a history of severe allergies or are prone to allergic reactions to lidocaine or the Gram-positive bacterial proteins that are found in this filler. 

What Are The Expected Side Effects?

Similar to other fillers, you may experience tenderness, swelling, lumps, and bruising after Volux. But these should subside within two weeks. 

To minimize any bruising, it is recommended to stay away from ibuprofen, fish oils, and aspirin. Also, avoid alcohol and working out for at least 24 hours after the treatment. 

You will notice improvement within six months with results lasting anywhere from a year to a year and a half. 

Note: The filler will not be widely available until 2023.