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Shoulder Contouring

Shoulder Contouring Is a Real Thing & Here Is What You Need To Know

Thanks to Kim Kardashian’s recent Instagram post, we now know that you can actually slim your trapezius muscle with injectables! 

The reality star has received many comments about her doing a shoulder contour Photoshop on one of her recent pool photos where she appears more slender and refined than normal. 

What is shoulder contouring treatment?

It is basically Botox for the shoulders. Shoulder contouring or slimming is an effective procedure used to reduce the size of the shoulders giving the patient a slimmer and more feminine silhouette. Very similar to how neurotoxin injections work to relax jawline muscles making them appear softer, neurotoxin reduces tension in shoulder muscles improving the posture and giving the shoulders a more slender look. 

While the shoulder slimming or “Swan Neck” is great for your shape, it can also be as powerful in reducing physical pain and stress.

The treatment is considered safe when done correctly with the right amount of neurotoxin placed in the right areas.