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Heat Damage

How To Treat Your Heat-Damaged Hair Without Cutting it Short

I know, we all love the results our favorite flat iron or curling wand gives us. But these great results come with a price… Damaged hair. If you are having dry, dull, and tangled hair it might be due to the frequent use of heat styling tools. The good news is that heat damage is something that can be dealt with without having to cut off all your hair. Here is how. 

How To Restore Your Shiny & Strong Hair? 

1 || Sealing Moisture

We can imagine how dry your hair is, so you need to seal moisture back into your follicles. This can be done by using moisturizing masks and conditioners that contain deep hydrating ingredients such as shea butter, avocado, coconut oil, argan oil, or aloe vera. Also, avoid shampooing daily as this can strip your hair of natural oils. Stick to washing your hair once every two days. 

2 || Restoring Natural Proteins

To get back the shiny locks you need to focus on restoring hair’s natural proteins by using leave-in protein treatments with yogurt, honey, and olive oil. Another short-term solution is a coconut oil hair mask. Simply warm up two tablespoons of coconut oil and apply it evenly to your hair. Rinse after 1 or two hours. 

You may need to use conditioning sprays rich in keratin to soothe broken hair follicles.

3 || Heat Damage From Chemical Exposure 

When it comes to heat damage, heating tools are not the only culprit. Saloon treatment can also burn your hair if they’re left on for long periods. If you are dealing with chemical damage a hair mask or professional deep-conditioning treatment from the salon is the first thing you can do to solve the issue. Hot oil treatments and conditioning sprays with spirulina may also help to deal with chemical heat damage. Make sure to avoid hot styling tools completely while treating your hair and stick to only washing your hair once every two days. 

4 || Prevention Is Always The Best Solution

Although preventing hair damage is not always possible it is definitely a better idea. Some proven prevention tips include:

  • Rinse your hair with cool water to seal moisture in.
  • Always keep the heating tool 5 inches or more from the surface of your hair.
  • Dry your hair with a microfiber towel to speed up the drying process.
  • Use a hair protectant spray before using any hot styling tool.
  • Sleep on a satin pillowcase to keep your hairstyle for longer so you don’t have to style again every morning.