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5 Acids That Target Five Skin Issues

The fact that applying acid directly to the face might initially sound insane! While in actual fact they have proven their ability to transform and elevate our beauty needs majorly. There is a wide range of acids out there, each of which targets different skin issue. Whether it is pigmentation, acne, dryness or dullness that you are suffering from, there is something for you. Here are 5 major skin issues and the best acid to treat each one of them.

1 || For Breakouts

Keyword: Mandelic Acid

It is an acid that is derived from bitter almonds. This oil-soluble acid doesn’t penetrate deeply into the skin because it has a large molecular structure, making it extremely gentle and suitable for sensitive skin. It is mainly used to treat acne as it fights clogged pores to prevent breakouts. It also has a lot of other benefits, from removing dead skin cells, treating irritation, and lightening pigmentation. Not only that, mandelic acid is proven to promote collagen production, improving your skin texture and decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

2 || For Dry Skin

Keyword: Polyhydroxy Acids (PHA)

This acid is much larger in size compared with other AHAs acids, this means it works on the outer layer of the skin. The other good thing about it is that it doesn’t make skin sensitive to the environment, especially the sun. It helps to moisturize, smooth and exfoliate the skin. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

3 || For Discoloration

Keyword: Tranexamic Acid

If you suffer from melasma then consider adding this acid to your skincare routine. This one has gained so much popularity for its ability to reduce hyper-pigmentation, heal dark spots and improve the appearance of discoloration. It works by decreases pigment production in melanocytes, the skin cells that are hyperactive in melasma pigment production. The good thing? they are safe to use for long periods of time unlike other skin-bleaching ingredients.

4 || For Dullness

Keyword: Lactic Acid

If you are looking for “the glow” then this one is the answer. A more gentle exfoliator when compared to glycol acid, lactic acid is another exfoliating alpha hydroxy acid. As the name implies, it’s derived from milk so it has a moisturizing element that the other exfoliating acids lack, perfect for those with sensitive skin who are still looking to reduce hyperpigmentation and reducing fine lines.

5 || For Brightening

Keyword: Fruit Acid

You will find this in peels, masks and serums. While this is a great option for brightening the skin it is recommended not to use it alone as it might be very irritating. It works better when mixed with other acids like glycolic or lactic acids. It works on the upper layer of the skin leaving it brighter and smoother.