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Shopping Foundation Online? This Is How To Find Your Perfect Shade

Online shopping aside, finding the foundation shade that will best flatter your skin and look most natural is not the easiest thing. And as you can imagine, things get more complicated when you decide to virtually shop for your makeup. Let’s be fair, online brands are doing their best to help us find our shades easily but it is still a challenge. To help you further with this challenging process we have summed up some important tips to take into consideration when shopping for your foundation online

Identifying Your Undertone Is The Key

This is an important step whether you are shopping your foundation in-store or online. First, you need to narrow down your skin tone, then look at your undertone. Once you identify these two, you will be able to choose your foundation accordingly as they make up your true shade. How to identify? If you have some pink or red to your skin, you’ve got a cooler undertone. If you have golden, yellow, olive, or peachy undertones, you’re more warm. Another way to identify this is that people with blue veins got a cool undertone, green (or olive) veins are an indicator of a warm undertone. If you have them both, you’ve got a neutral undertone.

Most brands include undertones in their product description. The general rule here is: go with the same undertone of your skin. But if you have pigmentation, neutralizing shades help. Pink covers grey, orange covers blue, green covers red, and yellow covers red. When choosing a powder consider peach and lilac tones to brighten dull skin.

Flip Through The Images 

Most brands include images of real people trying the product in different shades in real environments. This way you can see what works better on skin tones and undertones similar to yours. If the brand does not offer this, just google it. The internet is full of images showing foundation shades on different skin tones. Even if you don’t find someone with the exact skin tone as yours, being able to reference and compare with others will be a huge help.

Virtual Consultation

You can always ask for help. Most brands offer virtual consultations where you can chat one-on-one with the brand’s experts to help you find a flawless shade for you. Don’t hesitate to ask. 

When in Doubt 

If you can’t decide you have two options, either go darker of two shades or customize your shade by mixing the two shades you are thinking about together. This way will allow you to adjust your application throughout the year if your skin gets warmer in summer or paler in winter. 

Follow The Same Tricks To Match Concealer 

If your goal is to cover redness and blemishes, go a little lighter than your skin tone. Otherwise, follow the same rules as choosing your foundation. Away from shades, you need to know your concerns to choose the right formula. Go liquid for breakouts, creamy for redness, and liquid with a radiant shimmer for under-eyes. 

Use Online Tools 

Thanks to platforms like Findation which allows you to easily know what’s your perfect shade of foundation or concealer. How? This amazing site uses an advanced proprietary algorithm to match shades between 1,577 different brands and 68,000 makeup shades. So if you know your foundation shade from M.A.C, you can track your perfect match from Maybelline. What an amazing innovation!