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How To Make Your Post-Facial Great Skin Last Longer

We as women, love to pamper ourselves every now and then by indulging in some beauty treatments. This makes our skin looks young and fresh and it gives us a very good feeling and satisfaction. Facials are just a perfect way to show ourselves a little love. If you have done a facial before,  you may be looked at yourself in the mirror after the session thinking: “damn, I want to keep this skin forever”. Well, unfortunately, you can’t keep it forever, but you can make it last for as long as possible. Here is how…

1 || Skip Heavy Makeup

After facial treatment, your pores will be open, so covering them with makeup is not a good idea. I mean you finally got rid of all the dirt and extra oil in your pores so you don’t want them to find their way back by makeup. This will also allow for better absorption of your skincare products so we guarantee you that you’ll be glowing without makeup. Once you get back to your makeup routine, make sure to go easy and that your brushes and applicators are fully clean to avoid breakouts.

2 || Take A Cardio Break

Sweat and facials don’t mix. Heat and sweat may irritate your freshly exfoliated skin. That said, try to work out before the session and avoid working out for 2-3 days after, just to give your skin time to take a break from the heat. Same goes for saunas and steam rooms.

3 || Drink Lots Of Water

A facial is a kind of getting your skin rid of toxins. Keep up the detox process after the session by drinking lots of water and following a detox diet. This helps to plump out fine lines and increase that great glow from within.

4 || Apply Sunscreen Religiously

After facials, your skin becomes more vulnerable so you need to protect it more than ever. Stay out of the sun for a few days after the session and never skip sunscreen under any circumstances.

5 || No Picking At Acne

Of course, you need to avoid this every time, but we emphasize it especially after facial as your skin becomes more sensitive. The goal is beautiful-looking skin and picking will only make your breakouts worse. So make an effort not to keep your hands off your face to avoid irritation and potential scarring.

6 || Avoid Exfoliation

Over-exfoliating can damage your skin barrier which leads to inflammation and breakout. And facials incorporate exfoliating, so make sure to avoid using any exfoliants in the several days after your session. Sticking to a gentle cleanser should be enough.