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Your Skincare Products Have Stopped Working? || Follow These Tips

I can imagine how frustrating it is to spend a whole lot of money on your skincare products only to find out that they are not working. I mean, seriously? Actually, it might not be the products but rather the way you apply them.

The way you layer your products is so important as it determines how much your skin will absorb. And it is all about absorption. The rule of thumb here is to go from thinner to thicker formulas. Otherwise, your more watery products won’t be able to penetrate your skin. Another tip is to go water-based to oil based.

1 || Serum comes first

Cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer is the best order to follow. Always make sure to apply serum before moisturizing to allow your skin to absorb the active ingredients in your serum effectively and fully. The one exception is if you are using a bleaching cream. In this case go bleaching cream first before serum and other creams.

2 || Don’t Mix Retinol With Acids

If two products give you the same effect, why would you apply them together? A dermatologist\’s advice? Steer away from using retinol in the daytime and never mix them with acids such as benzoyl peroxide.

3 || Apply On Clean Skin

We are maybe stating the obvious… But never ever apply your skincare products before cleaning your face from all the dirt and makeup.

4 || Start With Your Eye Cream

Eye creams are delicate, so they should be applied first. Apply them right after cleansing for your skin to absorb them fully.

5 || Give It A Minute

It might take few extra minutes, but it is worth it. Next time you apply your skincare products, wait for a minute or so before applying the next product. This gives your skin the time to absorb each product alone without mixing it with other products.

6 || When Too Much Of A Good Thing Is Bad

Overdoing it won’t make things better. Too many ingredients may actually dry and irritate your skin. Mix a benzoyl peroxide product with a vitamin C serum, an alpha or beta-hydroxy acid, or retinol and you are making a perfect recipe for excessive dryness. The thing is, all of these products are great on their own but may backfire when mixed. So try to use one product with one active ingredient in the morning, and a different product in the evening. You can also alternate days and nights of each product.

7 || Use Gentle Toners

Yes, toner is an extra step but still beneficial. If you want to use toner, make sure to use a gentle one. As harsh products may strip your skin from its natural oils making it hard to absorb other products.

8 || Pat Dry

Quick tip: Use a gentle towel to pat dry your skin and start applying your products while it is still damp for a better absorption.

9 || Oils Always Come Last

Leave your oils for the last step in the evening. Why? simply because oils are heavy so if applied first they will lock other products on the surface and prevent them from getting absorbed.

10 || Where Does SPF Fall?

Last step in your morning skincare routine. Apply your sunscreen after your moisturizer. A vitamin C serum + sunscreen make a great mix as they up each other effectiveness. Just make sure to wait for your vitamin C to soak before moving to sunscreen.