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Microcurrent Facials || Is It Better Than Botox?

Painless, non-invasive, no side effects, and no downtime facial treatment. Sounds like a dream, right? Microcurrent has made this dream come true. The painless technology that is said to be a great botox alternative helps tighten the facial muscles and smooth the skin. Think of it as a way to take your face to the gym. 

What Is A Microcurrent Facial? 

It is a non-invasive technology that uses a low-grade electrical current to help tighten, sculpt and smooth out the skin. Microcurrent technology has been introduced to the world in the 1980s as the first FDA-approved treatment for Bell’s palsy and muscle paralysis. And now it is a part of many facials. 

How Is It Done?

Using low-voltage electricity delivered through a small machine onto the face muscles, microcurrent stimulates collagen, smooths the muscles and connective tissues, and tightens skin appearance by increasing cellular activity. 

Sometimes, microcurrent is combined with other treatments, like Vargas’ Triple Crown Facial, which calls on microdermabrasion for exfoliation, microcurrent for lifting, and oxygen-infused therapy for hydration (it’s especially great before weddings and big events appearances). 

Can Microcurrent Be Done At Home? 

With all the at-home microcurrent devices out there, the treatment can be done at home. Compared to in-office machines, all at-home microcurrent tools work on a much lower charge so it might take longer, but you can now achieve results similar to an in-clinic course at home. 

Some of The Best At-Home Microcurrent Devices:

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How To Use The At-Home Devices? 

Like any other new skincare product, you need to start slowly. Start with a lower intensity and build up to feel more comfortable about the treatment. 

Also, before using the device, make sure to cleanse your face thoroughly with an oil-free cleanser. Once your skin is suitably prepped, it’s essential to apply your conductive gel. Without it, the device won’t “work out” the deeper layers and muscles of your skin. 

What To Expect? 

No pain or swelling and no downtime is needed! Do we need to say more?

People who tried this treatment have stated that the results will be visible in minutes and you will notice a really glowing skin after only one session.  However, it is recommended to do the treatment once every month to get ultimate results. 

The Bottom Line?

Even though a lot of professionals claim that microcurrent is a great botox alternative, it doesn’t actually have the longevity of injectable treatments. It is however beneficial for people in their 20s and early 30s. But in our opinion, the fact that microcurrent helps boost collagen and increase blood flow makes it worth the try at any age.