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Don’t Want To Sacrifice Your Hair Length? Try The Latest Haircut Trend

When we, women, want a change, one of the first things we think about is a haircut. But sometimes, even a haircut doesn’t give us that refreshing feeling we seek as we aren’t ready to commit to dramatic change. This is where the latest trend ghost layers come in handy. So what are they? And are they for everyone?

What Are Ghost Layers?

They are also known as “invisible layers” and as the name suggests, unlike obvious layers, they are a subtle way of layering the hair to create volume and a refreshed look without losing length. Think of it as the happy place between a blunt haircut and a shag. You will have the movement and volume of a shag while keeping the thickness and length of a blunt cut.

How The Look Is Achieved?

To achieve this technique, your stylist will start by isolating a section at the top of the head in the shape of a halo, diamond, or star. Once he has the section, he will trim the length and proceed to layer it using either an inversion or square layering technique.

Ghost layers are created by isolating the length and leaving the shortest section of the layers disconnected from the longest point. This technique, aptly named for its discreet nature, results in subtle yet effective layering. The layers are less obvious, blending seamlessly into the hair for a subtle and stylish look.

Who Can Get Them?

They work for almost everyone, if you have fine or thin hair, the ghost layering technique will add volume and movement for fuller-looking strands. On thick hair, they help to remove weight and add dimension to the hair while also keeping the length.

However, if your hair is short or very curly, it is better to avoid ghost layers. If you have thick hair and desire maximum weight removal, a traditional layering technique may be more suitable for you. Ghost layering is a specific technique that provides a discreet layering presence, but if you have abundant thick hair, the traditional layering technique can offer more significant weight reduction and desired results.