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Vaginal Skincare Products || Are They Important?

Every part of your body needs to be taken care of from your face and your hands to your lady parts down there. Yep, products that are made specifically for your vagina weren’t a thing before but nowadays they are having what’s known as A Moment with intimate beauty brands offering products from exfoliators, cleansers, special bar soaps, and wipes to sprays. The question remains, do we really need such products?

You may ask: As far as I am concern, the vagina is self-cleansing so why the heck do I need to spend money on cleansing products for that area?

To be frank, additional products are really not necessary for normal vaginal, everyday hygiene. Just washing the regular outer vulva and the labia with water once a day is actually more than enough to be protective.

Even in some irregular cases, avoid rushing into buying expensive products before knowing the exact reason behind it. For example, the bad smell could be due to some imbalances in your pH levels. And even in this case your vagina and vulva already do that themselves so products won\’t be necessary all the time.

It is important to mention that when it comes to lady parts products your goal should be to tend to your vulva. Why? because the vulva is the entryway to the vaginal opening, and it offers a protective barrier from bacteria or other microorganisms that can invade the vagina and disrupt its sensitive pH balance. And while it is recommended to cleanse it with warm water only, you can use a mild wash with natural ingredients for extra cleansing.

The Bottom Line

While these products have given great results for some women, it doesn’t mean that they work for everyone. Your vaginal area is really sensitive and could get irritated with minimal amounts of product, especially if there are additive fragrances. Over time this could put you under a serious infection so if you started using any intimate skincare products and noticed any redness or irritation it is recommended to stop immediately and consult your doctor.

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