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COVID-19 Vaccine Might Be Affecting Your Botox

A lot of people have noticed some changes in their bodies or hair after they got vaccinated or got COVID itself. And one of the things that may be got effected is your Botox. If you noticed that it fades faster than usual or that you needed more touch-ups than before, the COVID-19 vaccine may be the culprit.

And this is according to a new study that showed that neuromodulator injections might be less effective in those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine. But because the study was small, further research is required to reach any conclusion.

In addition to the study, there have been reports from physicians on social media that some patients may require higher doses or more frequent booster shots to maintain the same level of effectiveness as their pre-vaccination or pre-virus treatment.

So do COVID-19 vaccines make you immune to Botox? The answer is no, to be immune to these kinds of treatments you need to have partial or total resistance, which wasn’t the case as Botox still worked for patients but was not as effective as before. And this might be because our bodies can technically develop immunity to Botox with continual treatment.

So don’t even think of skipping the vaccine if you haven’t got it already. After all, your health matters the most.