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Anti-Age Your Lips

10 Tips To Anti-Age Your Lips

Aging is inevitable and all the signs that come with it. So we have nothing to do about that. The only thing we have control over is how we treat our skin at a younger age so it ages gracefully and with as less issues as possible. Your lips are one of the first parts to lose volume and show aging signs, so giving them the TLC is so much needed from a young age to prevent any severe aging signs. 

1 || Sun Protection

Sun exposure speeds up the aging process in your face and neck, and your lips are no exception. Another thing that can increase the risk of burns is using balms with oils during the day. That’s why you should use SPF on your lips (with reapplication) all the time to prevent premature aging and skin cancers. Choose a lip balm that will soothe and hydrate chapped lips while protecting them. 

2 || Treat Chapped Lips

Sometimes lip balms do more bad than good. In this case, you need to use a treatment that targets chapped lips. Go for ointments that are petrolatum or glycerin-based and use them regularly morning, night, and after drinking liquids.

3 || Try Anti-Aging Lip Treatments

If you are asking about the reason behind the lines on your lips; it is simply due to the lack of moisture. In this case, you should focus on products that use hyaluronic acid or oil-based emollients rather than waxy balms. 

4 || Hydrate From The Inside Out

Your diet plays a major role in keeping your lips plump and hydrated. And hydrated lips make a huge difference in lip volume. To keep your lips looking full and ageless; simply drink more water and eat foods that are rich with collagen such as fish, dark green veggies, and berries. 

5 || Lifestyle changes

Sometimes a few moves you do in your daily life can be the culprit. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun, smoking, drinking out of a straw, and any repetitive puckering motion or pressure on the lips like chewing on them can accelerate the aging process. Avoid all these whenever possible to protect the youthful structure of your lips. 

6 || Exfoliate

As with any other part of your skin, your lips need exfoliation to remove dead skin and keep them as soft as possible. Ingredients such as shea butter and natural oils soothe the lips. To see faster results, pair them with safe-for-lips exfoliators like sugar.

7 || Moisturize 

Lip masks are a real thing. They are great for keeping your lips soft like silk. Use them overnight or as a lip balm and see magic happens. 

8 || Makeup Tricks

When in a rush, makeup can be your savior for faking full and soft lips. Start by shading the corners of your lips with a nude liner similar to the color of your natural lips then slightly overdraw the rest. After that, blend out the edges either with your finger or a lip brush before topping with your favorite nude lipstick. 

To contour your lips, line them as you normally would. And with the two of your favorite lipstick shades, apply the darker shade all over the lips, then use the paler shade on the center of the lips and blend outward.

9 || Consider a Filler 

Looking for a longer-lasting solution? You may want to consider a hyaluronic acid filler injection. It is an excellent way to restore lost volume, recreate definition or shape, and increase hydration. Your doctor will give options regarding how light the filler would be depending on your goals. 

10 || Radiofrequency

Did you know that skin-tightening Thermage can be used on the lips to stimulate collagen? Next time you go for a Thermage session ask your doctor to pass the radiofrequency right over your pout.