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Rosemary Oil

The Truth About Rosemary Oil For Hair Growth

Recently, everyone is talking about rosemary oil for hair growth. And we are dazzled by all the great results people are sharing, making us want to try this “magical” oil. But what made us stop and ask whether this oil actually works for hair growth or not is the fact that some people are now uploading videos showing that after using the oil for a while, their hair has started to fall out instead. Scary right?

While it may seem enticing that numerous beauty hacks are readily accessible with just one click, it would be unwise to accept everything on TikTok or Instagram at face value. This is because the individuals who are disseminating these tips are often not professionals and are merely sharing their personal experiences. So let’s get back to our main question…

Does rosemary oil make your hair grow?

The short answer is yes (we are happy to know that too). According to experts, rosemary oil helps with nourishing and locking in hair moisture and is known for improving damage, cellular turnover, and blood circulation resulting in more hair growth.

How Long Do You Need To Use It To See Results?

For maximum results, it is recommended to use rosemary oil at least once or twice a week consistently for at least six months.

While it is good to know that rosemary oil promotes hair growth, the optimal approach to preserving hair health is to address the issue from the inside out and utilize additional products to enhance hair growth along with rosemary oil.

How To Apply?

Never use undiluted rosemary oil as it can cause scalp irritation or even chemical burns. So always purchase products that are diluted with a good quality carrier oil.

1 || Do A Patch Test

Prior to using any new product on your skin or scalp, it is essential to conduct a patch test to ensure that you are not allergic to it. If you encounter any itching or burning sensations, stop using it right away.

2 || Apply To Affected Areas

You don’t need to apply it all over your hair, applying the oil to the areas that are experiencing hair loss would be enough.

3 || Massage Into The Scalp

Finally, use a scalp massager. Massaging your scalp expands the cells of hair follicles increasing hair thickness by stimulating the follicles to produce thicker hair.