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Do Bras Prevent Sagging?

“Comfort comes first” has become our motto in the past few years, when we started the “work from home” era to be exact. Well, while nothing feels more comfortable than taking your bra off after a long day, you may change your mind after you read this article.

When it comes to breasts sagging, some doctors believe that gravity can wreak havoc on women’s breasts over time. Because breasts carry a certain weight, without support, tissue can stretch over time. So they believe that bras work as a support system for the breasts preventing premature drooping.

But does that mean that you can’t take off your bra at all? well, while in their opinion, wearing a bra daily is crucial to keep your breasts perky, unless you are a few weeks post-operation, you can still take it off after a long day and sleep without it.

On the other hand, other doctors believe that wearing a bra won’t prevent your breasts from sagging, and not wearing it won’t cause them to sag. They believe that patients with bad genetics or significant weight loss have stretchier skin and can tolerate less breast volume. Also, in their opinion there are some other factors for sagging like breastfeeding or small breast sizes.

Supporting the late opinion, a 15-Year Study Concludes that wearing bras can do more harm than good! The study says that when you are not wearing a bra, you are forced to have better posture and develop the muscles that lie underneath the breasts. Also, wearing tight bras restricted lymphatic and blood flow, affecting circulation, the study showed.

The Bottom Line…
Wearing your bra during the daytime and when participating in the constant high-impact activity is significant. Avoid tight bras. Finally, whether you choose to keep or take off your bra at night, do what feels better for you.