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Is Your Skin Healthy? || Answer These Questions To Find Out

Our skin has its ups and downs. This is something that we all go through no matter how great our genes are and how much we care about it. So if today is not your perfect skin day it is totally fine. Learn to embrace it in both good and bad days. However, sometimes bad days last long, they seem like they are staying forever and here is when you can tell that it is not minor and that you need to give your skin an extra TLC or even seek a professional help. Get to know your healthy skin better by answering these questions.

Is Your pH Balance Healthy?

Before you answer, you need to know what is skin pH balance and how to determine what is healthy. Skin pH is simply the acidity or alkalinity of the skin. And it is measured from 1 – 14.. 1-6 measures the acidity of the skin, one being the lowest. And 7-14 measures the alkalinity of the skin, seven being the lowest. Healthy skin has a pH level which ranges between four and six.

The goal is to keep your skin pH slightly acidic to have a healthy skin barrier. This will keep your skin hydrated and prevent oxidative stress. That said, make sure to choose non-alkaline products as these will strip your skin from its natural oils leaving it dehydrated.

Is Your Skin Hydrated?

This is the key for a healthy skin. If your skin is smooth, plump and appear just a little shiny under the light then it is hydrated. On the other hand, if your skin is dull, dry, feels itchy and sensitive, or got dark circles and flakes then it’s dehydrated and needs TLC. A good way to test if your skin is hydrated or not is by gently pinching your cheeks, if it looks like you have fine lines, your skin is dehydrated. Examine your eyes for fine lines too, and your forehead for flaking.

A combination of a healthy skincare routine and a healthy lifestyle choices such as using gentle products, exfoliators, anti-aging serums, drinking enough water, eating organic food and having a good night sleep should help your skin restore its natural hydration.

Do You Have Any Discoloration?

Sun damage in youth years shows on the skin in later years in the form of discoloration. And while we can’t go back in time and prevent sun damage, we can solve its results. Whether it is age spots, premature wrinkles, early crepiness or broken blood vessels it is a sign of unhealthy skin and need to be taken care of whether by over-the-counter products or doing some in-office treatments.

Is Your Skin Texture Smooth?

By that we don’t mean that your skin has to be crystal clear but at least it doesn’t have breaks or cracks that does not seem to improve with the over-the-counter products. If that happened it means that it is time to seek for professional help.

How Does Your Skin Feel?

Does your skin feel good with or without products? If the answer is yes, then you are good. If not you can reach this point by drinking two to three liters of water a day to keep your skin hydrated, apply sunscreen regularly even in cold days to protect your skin and exfoliate to remove dead skin cells.