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Retinol Lipsticks Are A Thing Now || Everything You Need To Know

Retinol is the number one anti-aging ingredient that we all love. However, we used to make sure that it doesn’t seep into our lips as it has undesirable side effects on our skin such as dryness, flaky skin, sensitivity, and sometimes redness. And this is the last thing we want for our pouts, right? Surprisingly, beauty brands have invented new lipstick formulas that are infused with retinol… Keep on reading to answer all the questions that have come to mind.

1 || Will Retinol-Infused Lipsticks Make Our Lips Dry And Sensitive?

Retinol is known for its ability to prevent wrinkles, soften the look of existing lines and encourage collagen production making your skin firmer and glowier. But at the same time, it leaves your skin a bit dry and sensitive. So the question remains, won’t it do the same or even worse to your delicate lip skin? While retinol will gently exfoliate the lips, it won’t thin them or make them flake. It only works on the top layer smoothing it out and correcting the dry skin of the lip not making it worse as you may think. Also, the fact that retinol promote collagen production makes it great to rejuvenate your the skin of your lips.

2 || Do All Retinol Formulas Work On The Lips?

We need to understand that retinol has many formulas some are harsher than the others. That said some formulas just can’t be applied to the lips as they are so irritating such as prescription retinoic acid. On the other hand, gentle retinol formulas like plant-derived bio-retinol or bakuchiol, are safe and work as humectants giving your lips a more youthful appearance.

Gentle plant-based retinol will slow down the signs of aging and volume loss majorly. But even though it is important to remember pairing it with sunscreen or sunscreen lip balm. Some sources of plant-based retinol to look for on your product labels are sunflower seed, sea buckthorn, carrot and rosehip seed oils.

3 || Can Retinol-Infused Lipsticks Anti-Age Your Lips?

lip skin is so delicate, and that explains why our lips show early signs of aging with volume loss and fine lines. Here where retinol comes in handy, it is a great way to thicken and strengthen the dermal layer of skin preventing wrinkles. Also, the fact that retinol helps in rejuvenating the skin reduces and slows down the appearance of fine lines.

4 || The Best Retinol Lipsticks

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