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Get Your Skin Ready For Spring With These Tips

Seasons change, and so does our skin… Different weather affects it differently. That said you need to amend your skincare routine depending on the weather. Yep, there are some tips that apply all year round such as applying sunscreen and moisturizing, but still, some major changes should be taken. With spring being around the corner, now is the perfect time to reorganize your skin and body care routines… Here is your ultimate guide.

1 || Lighten Up

Thankfully, the dryness we get during cool winter days decreases during spring. This means your rich moisturizers and creams are not that much of a need anymore. Switch them to a lighter lotion with an SPF of 30 or higher and apply daily without forgetting your ears that can be burnt easily. You can keep the same eye night cream or replace it with a lighter one, your call.

2 || Switch Your Retinol

I don’t think we can live without retinol anymore. It is part of every woman’s skincare routine. However, using it during warm sunny days may not be a good idea if you don’t protect your skin properly. The good news is that there is a substitute which is the Alpha Hydroxy Acid which exfoliates gently without harsh effects.

3 || Anticipate Acne

No surprises here. Breakouts are part of the seasonal-transition process and here where switching products come in. Consider products that are calming, you may also need some spot treatments along the way.

4 || Keep Exfoliating

Exfoliation is a must during this time, you need to get rid of all dead skin to welcome spring with a brand new one. Exfoliation also helps with boosting circulation and production of new cells. Over time your pores can get clogged up with pollution, products, makeup, and dead skin cells this can result in breakouts, dull complexion, and blackheads. To avoid this try to get in the habit of exfoliating. Gentle exfoliation twice a week is ideal (increase to four times a week for really dry skin).

5 || Sunscreen… Because We Have To Remind You

I know what you’re gonna say, but we need to keep reminding you, really. During warmer days we spend more time under the sun so make sure to reapply your sunscreen to keep your skin protected from the sun. Don’t forget your ears, neck, arms, and decollage.

6 || Don’t Ignore Other Parts Of Your Body

Your body skin is as important as your face… Make sure to exfoliate, moisturize and protect with sunscreen constantly. Don’t forget your feet, slather them before bed with a layer of petroleum jelly like Vaseline or a foot balm made from Shea Butter and wear a pair of cotton socks to soften them fast.