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Trending Haircuts For Fall 2021

A new season means a new beginning. Do you know what comes with new beginnings? You guessed it; a new haircut. This season’s fashion was too diverse to meet our need for dressing up again after almost two years of a lockdown. Colors, accessories, silhouettes, and designs all gathered to keep up with our hope for better days. And haircuts followed suit with plenty of refreshing options out there. Without further ado, we present the ultimate hair trends everyone will want in just a few short weeks. 

1 || Invisible Layers


This one is considered ideal if you are slightly lazy and don’t like to change your haircut often. Because it can look gorgeous when your hair grows out too. If you have long hair and don’t want to sacrifice it but are up for a little change, adding some long, fine layers throughout the front will give your locks more movement and bounce.

2 || Pixie Is Here Again


If you are brave enough, get that back-to-business energy with a big chop. This fall, the pixie variations are limitless from the ones that are worn with closely tapered sides and fullness on top worn away from the face to the heavy bang with a short, piecey crown, sides, and nape area. When it comes to a bold choice like this one; more is always more. That said, whichever style you choose spice things up with some fun fall colors like deep rose, peach, caramel blonds, spicy copper, fiery red, or rich chocolates.

3 || French Bob


This cut wins the coolest haircut for fall. It is shorter than your typical chin-length bob. You know it is “French” so it is so chic and stylish with a bit of a wedge look. Whichever your hair type, ask your stylist for a one-length blunt cut right at your chin, bangs are optional.

4 || Bangs, Bangs And More Bangs


 Blunt bangs, curtain bangs, breezy bangs, side-swept bangs, or curly bangs. Whichever one you choose, it is time for some movement.

5 || Mid-Length Chop


When in doubt go for a not-too-short, not-too-long haircut. It looks flattering on almost every face shape and hair type. Also, you are not gonna be faced with the styling obstacles of those with very short or long hair. After all, there’s a reason shoulder-length hair has become celebs’ go-to length.

6 || 70’s Shag


 I know, after we spent a long time at home with ‘undone’ hair, styling might seem a bit of an impossible mission. 70’s shag is the perfect cut for you if effortlessly cool is your vibe. It looks great with minimal styling with or without bangs.

7 || 80’s Revival


The 80’s vibes are everywhere this season, and your hair is no exception. We will be seeing a lot of mullets, shags, and bright kaleidoscope colors. If you are looking for change without shortening your hair so much go for the curly shag. Keep in mind that this cut is not for you if you like to wear your hair in a bun or a ponytail or if you don’t like to have your hair on your face.

8 || It Is The “Bob” Season


Curly, blunt, french, 90s-inspired sharp bob, and more. If you are ready for a serious change go for a bob haircut of your choice with or without bangs. Consult your stylist for the best one for your face shape and hair type and get ready to rock.