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The World’s First Hair Filler Injection Is Finally Here

If you have great hair, you can skip this. Otherwise, we know how annoying it is to have weak, brittle, and nonstop falling hair. Which explains our continuous search for ways to improve our hair health. But whatever we tend to try, whether it’s hair oils, shampoos, or different kinds of treatments, nothing seems to give us the results we seek. 

Even though, that will never stop us from trying. The hair treatment we are introducing today claims to treat all our hair issues including hair fall, improving thickness, and more. “DR CYJ hair filler” a.k.a the world’s first hair filler injection can be the new real solution for all our hair problems. Technically it is not a new treatment as it has been launched in 2016 after 13 years of work. 

What Is DR CYJ Hair Filler?

DR CYJ Hair Filler is an injectable formula of peptides complex, amino acid macromolecules, and hyaluronic acid for stimulating hair growth and restoring the skin of the scalp. It helps with solving issues like hair loss and weak hair growth.  

What Does It Do? 

This peptide-hyaluronic acid treatment works on reversing the hair loss process and at the same time revitalizes the scalp and hair follicles to stimulate hair regrowth. It improves blood circulation in the scalp area, stimulates hair growth and hair density, and improves hair follicle rejuvenation for stronger hair. Also, it moisturizes and nourishes your hair. 

Is It Suitable For You?

Well, if you have hair loss and if your hair is thin and there is only one hair inside one hair follicle as opposed to 2-3 hairs in one hair follicle. Then this treatment may come in handy. On the other hand, it is not recommended for patients who take immunosuppressants or undergoing cortical therapy, with autoimmune disease history, patients with uncompensated diabetes, acute joint, rheumatics, repetitive angina and endocarditis, pregnancy, or breastfeeding.

How Is It Done? What To Expect?

The product is injected into the scalp using a very thin and short needle. The treatment does not require anesthesia as the pain is no different than the filler done for the skin. But if you are too sensitive you can consult your doctor if it is possible to apply a topical narcotic gel or a local anesthetic half an hour before the session. The injected area might get swelling and redness after the treatment, but these effects should subside within 72 hours. 

Expect to see results immediately after the first session as your hair will stop falling out and new hair will start to appear, becoming thicker and healthy. While it differentiates from one patient to another, generally results last for one year. But in between and after this period, you might need to (partly) repeat the DR.CYJ Hair Filler therapy.