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Welcome Spring With Great Locks || Your Ultimate Guide

Nothing beats good hair on the beach. You can’t have that after being exposed to all the dryness of cold days. You need to put extra effort to get those shiny locks back. Here is your ultimate guide.

1 || Take Care Of Your Scalp

Your scalp is your foundation for optimal hair health. The cold winter days properly wreaked havoc on your scalp; it is dry, inflamed, and full of buildups and dandruff. To get your scalp ready for the floral days to come, you need to give it a fortifying deep clean with natural products. After that, you need to apply a natural conditioner onto your scalp for ultimate health.

2 || Time For A Trim

Well, the last year wasn’t our hair year… A lot of us have avoided going to salons. But really, a refreshed-looking hair always starts with a good trim. Make it a point to go to the salon for a trim during these days. You don’t need to do a full haircut, take a little bit of it just to avoid split ends and to allow it to breathe.

3 || Switch Your Hair Products

Exactly like you do with your skincare products. You need to switch your hair products to more hydrating ones. Your hair needs extra hydration after the long dry winter season to keep or get back its shiny refreshed look.

4 || Mask It

When the shampoo and conditioner are not enough, consider adding a hydrating hair mask to your routine. Nothing so fancy, your kitchen is all that you need really. All you need to do is write “hair masks for (your issue that you wanna fix) ” on google or youtube and viola, a long list of DIY masks will appear. A mix of avocado, honey, water, coconut oil, shea butter, and conditioner might be a good start. Mix all ingredients and apply to wet hair and comb through. Cover with a shower cap and wait 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Or just buy store-bought masks.

5 || Exfoliate

Like your face and body, your scalp needs exfoliation to encourage healthy hair growth. Shampoo and conditioner are important but they are not enough to get rid of dandruff and buildups that keep your hair from growing healthy. Opt for scalp-friendly products and exfoliate every 7 to 10 shampoos. How to use scalp exfoliations? With circular motions, start by placing the product directly on the head, avoiding most of the hair shaft then rinse with water.