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Colostrum || The Magical Wellness & Beauty Ingredient

So what is colostrum? It is the first milk produced by all mammalian mothers after giving birth. You maybe heard your mother or grandma talking with someone about the greatness of colostrum for newborn babies and they are right about that. What they may not know is that its goodness does not stop at giving babies the nutrients to thrive, it is much more than that. Colostrum supplements are your way to better overall health. Here’s why you should add this magical ingredient to your life.

1 || For Your Skin

Again, beauty begins from within… What happens in your gut reflects directly on your face. That said, taking colostrum internally can have positive effects on your digestive health which ultimately leads to healthier and clearer skin. Colostrum is proven to reduce the effects of eczema in babies, this means it is beneficial for inflammation and some skin concerns like wounds and rashes. That tells us that it might be good for healing some acne cases too, however, that is not proven.

2 || For Your Fitness

Studies have shown that babies who consumed this raw milk in their first year are less likely to have issues related to their respiratory system when they grow up. For grown-ups, colostrum supplements are great for improving their athletic performance and endurance. A dosage of 3.2g of bovine colostrum a day can improve your performance, endurance with no respiratory side effects while decreasing your fatigue and recovery time.

3 || For Your Hair

If you love hair care then you may seriously consider adding this supplement to your life. As we mentioned previously, colostrum helps with inflammation, which means it is good for fighting scalp inflammation. And we all know that a healthy scalp means healthy hair. While many products claim that colostrum helps to grow or regrow your hair, this is not true, its main role when it comes to maintaining healthy hair is moisturizing and strengthening.

4 || For Your Body

Colostrum has been proven to decrease the symptoms of leaky gut which is an issue that mostly develops in people who are highly athletic. Leaky gut refers to the constant bloating, gas, food sensitivities, and aches. Supplementing with colostrum might really help with these issues leaving you with a healthy gut, which as a result reflects on your skin.