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Hairstyles That Will Easily Take You From Summer To Fall

If the act of looking in the mirror is frustrating you lately, you are not alone. Sometimes we just feel bored with our looks and that’s normal. The first thing that I personally think of when I had such feelings is getting a haircut. And yep, have done this many times and took it to the extreme once (regretted it :). Although getting a haircut is a great way to refresh your look but is it the only way? Of course not. Sometimes all you need is just a hairstyle update. As we ease into fall there is a number of hairstyles that we are seeing everywhere lately. A quick scroll through Instagram and you will find that these hairstyles are going viral.

1 || The Gossip Girl Headband


Look through your box of headbands and think ‘Gossip Girl’. This trend has gone viral lately with top influencers and bloggers adopting it. Regular or better padded headband are everywhere literally. Get inspired by everyone on TikTok or Instagram. They look good with sleek, straight locks, tousled waves, natural texture, or with your do pulled back in a low bun or pony. Any part will do, but many of these blogger types went for the center. Short hair, long hair doesn’t matter. It all looks good!

2 || Half-Up


A simple half-up ponytail adorned with your favorite scrunchie will do magic to your casual look or even evening look. This hairstyle is a “2 in 1” type of thing; you are pulling your hair away from your face but still allowing the curls to nonetheless have a second. What not to love? You can style your braids in an easy half-up ponytail, choose the half-up bun, or go for the regular half-up, gonna rock either way.

3 || Pigtail Braids


Ok, if you think that pigtails are for eight years old girls, think again. This hairstyle is having a moment and your Instagram page has the proof. From sleek braids to low ponies this trend is a super transitional hairstyle. Choose the regular pigtail braids or go for chunky pigtails instead. You can also mix two trends in one by creating two French braids, then tying the ends together with a big, velvet bow or accessorize your braids with any trending hair jewelry. Another way to go? Pigtail braids + curly bangs = A hairstyle with super powers.