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Pink Concealer Hack

The Pink Concealer Hack To Cover Dark Circles

We are no longer surprised by the amount of TikTok hacks that appear literally every day. The latest trick that is tried and loved by many is using red or pink lipstick under the eyes to cover dark circles. After the blush/ concealer combo took TikTok by storm, now we are seeing TikTokers swiping red lipstick under their eyes before applying concealers to mask dark circles and look bright-eyed and they seem to love the results so much.

Priscilla Ono, Rihanna’s go-to makeup artist tried this hack on Riri and explained: “Color correction really goes back to the color wheel: We makeup artists use it to see what the opposite colors are. The opposite from red is green, so red will really help to correct any green veins or dark circles under the eyes, and pink is a tint of red.”

She also added that there is new product launching that will make the hack even easier to achieve. “Fenty Beauty’s brand-new Match Stix Correcting Skinsticks ($28) in four shades—Rose Quartz, Banana, Peach, and Pumpkin. I think Rose Quartz will be a heavy-hitter when people get their hands on it because it almost gives you this pink effect under your eyes from the get-go, so no more mixing your lipstick and concealer,” says Ono.

On Riri, she used the Peach shade, which is the perfect choice for medium-tan skin. While pumpkin is good for deep skin.

Not sure which one is best for you? On Fenty’s website, you can find out which color-correcting Match Stix works for you depending on which shade of Fenty foundation you use. So exciting!