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Lip Lift

Fake A “Lip Lift” Using Only A Lip Pencil

No matter what type of makeup you prefer, whether it’s a dramatic or a no-makeup look, we believe lips are an essential part for you. Because nothing looks cooler than plump and juicy lips. 

Lucky us we can take some tips and tricks from the masters of makeup such as Mario Dedivanovic who created a makeup “lip lift” technique that makes creating a fuller-looking pout much easier and quicker than a filler session. You can do it yourself by only using two very simple tools; a mirror and your favorite lip liner. 

Lip Lift

Dedivanovic’s technique requires only over-lining in two specific areas, not the entire lip. Start by slightly over-lining right above your cupid’s bow, then following the natural shape of your lip as you extend to the corners of the mouth, making sure not to over-line this area. Then, fill in the corners of the top lip. On the bottom lip, only over-line the center of the lip, then trace the natural line of your lip upwards towards the corner to create a lifted appearance. The goal is to lift your lips. So what you do not want to do according to Mario is that you don’t want to over-line the corners making your face go down. Finally, blend into center and top with your go-to lipstick.