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Adriana Lima

Beauty Tips Adriana Lima Swears By

Despite the changing beauty standards, the mention of “Victoria’s Secret Angel” still evokes a specific image of exceptionally attractive models. With Adriana Lima’s return to the Victoria’s Secret family as the face for the relaunch of the iconic fragrance “Heavenly Eau de Parfum,” the model has expressed her delight at being back and shared some of her go-to tips for achieving a radiant glow.

“Coming back with Heavenly has been an honor because one of my favorite campaigns with Victoria’s Secret was Heavenly back in 1999. It was my first fragrance campaign with Victoria’s Secret, and it’s my favorite fragrance with Victoria’s Secret. I cannot imagine a better way to return.”

This Is How She Likes To Apply Mascara 

While it is widely recommended to remove your makeup before going to bed, Lima holds a different opinion specifically regarding mascara. The model prefers to apply additional layers and leave them on for one or two days so her lashes become dramatically heavy. 

“I like to keep adding layers on top of each other. Like, I don’t wash them off. I know it sounds crazy, but I add layers for one or two days. I like [my lashes] very heavy!”

Her Signature Makeup Thing  

If you are a fan, you probably know that the model’s favorite lipstick shade is red, wearing it anytime on any occasion. 

“I think one of the trends that I’ve never stopped doing, no matter what season [it is] or where I am, is red lipstick. My signature thing is red lipstick.” 

Before-Bed Trick 

Lima prioritizes her skin’s well-being by embracing natural products, ensuring that she cleanses her face and follows it up with the application of Soma Ayurvedic Vitamin C Serum.

Her Go-To Super Oil 

The two things she never skips no matter what are the application of moisturizer and sunblock. She loves oils as they give her the dewy and glowy finish she seeks. Currently, she is obsessed with Rozuri Anti-Aging Super Oil.

“I know some people get scared because you don’t want to make your skin oily, but you can find something really easy to absorb, depending on your skin type.”