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Italian Bob

The Italian Bob Is Replacing The French One This Spring

Who doesn’t love a touch of that Parisian style? The French bob has dominated for so long. It was adopted by many celebrities for its timeless and effortless look. This season, a longer and bouncier haircut is taking its place, introducing the Italian bob.

The Italian bob is expected to be one of the biggest haircut trends in 2023. What sets this new style apart from the French bob is the length. The French one is often shorter and sits around the jawbone with barely-there layers to achieve the ‘I woke up like this’ finish. On the other hand, the Italian one is longer with more movement, and a soft, playful, voluminous finish. It is also more versatile and can be worn up or down.

With its thick baseline, the Italian bob falls gracefully around the neck, but it’s the internal layers and texture that give the cut its irresistible appeal. Each swoosh of the hair provides a different feel, as the Italian bob can be flipped from side to side, creating a dynamic and versatile look.