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Are You Making These Mistakes When Applying Skin Care?

When it comes to skincare, purchasing the most expensive products is not enough to get the best results. You need to learn how to apply it right. This is how to apply your skincare correctly.

1 || Don’t Apply A Dropper Directly To Your Cheek

The easiest way to apply a beauty product that uses a dropper is to take that dropper up to your face and apply it. Well, that’s a DON’T when it comes to applying skincare. Without knowing it, you are contaminating the tip of the dropper that you are putting right back into the bottle. Instead, put a couple of drops on your palm or the tips of your fingers then apply them to your face.

2 || Never Dip Your Fingers

If you are using non-dropper products, avoid dipping your fingers into the container. Instead, you can use a Q-tip or small product spatula. 

3 || Clean Your Products

We often overlook the importance of cleaning skincare product bottles. However, making it a habit to regularly wipe the outside of your products can prevent the spread of bacteria on the skin, which can lead to breakouts.

4 || Avoid Hot Water

We know you are already aware of that, but it’s worth reminding you to never wash your face with hot water. Hot water can cause sensitivity, dryness, and inflammation, which can negatively affect your skin’s elasticity. To avoid this, try washing your face in the sink instead of the shower.

5 || Use A Clean Towel

Maintaining your skin health takes effort. You need to pay attention to everything that touches your face. This includes reaching for a clean towel to dry your face whether it is a reusable cotton pad or a single-use cotton face towel.

6 || Less Is More

The most effective skincare routine doesn’t have to involve a hundred steps. More is not more when it comes to beauty regimes. Applying too many products at once can really damage your skin barrier leading to irritation, sensitivity, and a textured complexion.

7 || Does It Burn?

Many of us mistakenly believe that a burning sensation is a sign that the skincare product is working effectively. However, this is not true. Skincare products should not cause any uncomfortable feelings, as a burning sensation can indicate that the product is too strong or that the skin barrier is compromised.

8 || Never Drag Your Skin

When removing your mask or cleanser, avoid dragging it along your skin. Instead, use gentle dabbing motions to remove the product. Dragging the skin can lead to premature aging and irritation, so it’s best to use a gentle touch when removing skincare products.