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Miracle Skin Elixir

The Myth Of A Miracle Skin Elixir

Seriously, who wouldn’t fall for the latest craze of ‘retinol supplements’ after experiencing retinol magic? After all, we are all happy to try a beauty fountain if we ever found one.

The beauty industry now offers our hero ingredient in supplement form, making it consumable. We know you are thinking of buying it already, but before that, it’s crucial to consider a few questions Is it more beneficial than topical retinol? And is it even safe?

Well, dermatologists DO NOT recommend taking oral retinol. A “retinol” supplement is simply the fat-soluble vitamin A (Fat soluble: What your body can’t use is stored in fatty tissue and the liver, not excreted in your urine.) We already get enough vitamin A, as many foods we eat like carrots, tomatoes, and peppers convert into vitamin A in the body. So you will hardly find someone with vitamin A deficiency. And too much of this vitamin can be dangerous and might result in nausea, muscle aches, and vision and coordination problems. Not only that, consuming more than an average of 1.5 milligrams of it may affect your bones, making them more likely to fracture when you’re older.

The Bottom Line

Unless you have vitamin A deficiency, you will not do yourself any favor by adding such supplements to your beauty routine as it will neither improve your health nor reduce signs of aging.