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Apply Your Mascara

How to Find & Apply Your Ideal Mascara

How to Find & Apply Your Ideal Mascara

Mascara is the most used makeup item in our beauty kits. And it is for a reason. It makes lashes appear fuller and longer and makes eyes pop. But do you know how to choose the perfect mascara and the ideal way to apply it? Keep reading 🙂

What Defines The Best Mascara?

Our preferences differentiate when it comes to searching for the perfect mascara. Some of us love a full and voluminous lash look along with a formula that doesn’t flake throughout the day and won’t transfer onto our eyelids. Others ask for longer than ever lashes. 

To find the perfect formula, there are a few things to consider. Are you aiming for a natural or dramatic lash look? This will determine the type of wand and mascara that will suit you best. For defined and elongated lashes, opt for mascaras with plastic combs or brushes, as they are thinner and more precise. If you prefer voluminous and full lashes, choose mascaras with traditional bristle wands, as they apply more product and create a thicker look.

Color is another important thing to think about. While black is the most popular one, you may want to go for brown or navy mascara if you have paler skin so it won’t wash out your tone. To make your eyes stand out, consider choosing a color that will enhance their natural beauty. For instance, shades of purple and blue can make blue and green eyes appear more vibrant, while browns can accentuate hazel eyes.

The last thing to ask yourself is, do I need a waterproof formula? If your eyes tend to water or smudge easily, it may be wise to consider purchasing a waterproof or water-resistant product.

So to find the perfect mascara for you, consider your needs and always experiment with new releases till you find the one. 

The Best Tips For Applying Mascara

Here’s a tip from the iconic makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury: “As you drag the brush up from the base of your lashes, zig-zag the wand from side to side. This creates more volume as you are depositing more product onto your eyelashes.” 

Then you need to turn the brush vertically for the bottom lashes “The thinner end will help you control your application with more precision.”

Apply a second coat for the best results without pumping the wand up and down in the tube. “Your mascara will dry out quickly as you’re pushing too much air inside. Slowly twist the brush around the tube instead,” Tilbury explains. 

How To Test The Best Mascara Formulas

The perfect formula definitely gives transformative effects. When buying a new mascara you need to test a few things such as: 

  • The type and shape of the wand and bristles.
  • The resulting effect on lashes, such as adding volume, length, or both.
  • The formula, whether it feels noticeable on lashes or provides nourishment.
  • The cost or price of the product.

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