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Gisele Bündchen

The Secrets To Gisele Bündchen Sun-Kissed Hair

Sunny hair, natural, sexy, and effortless. This is how we see Gisele Bündchen’s locks. The supermodel beauty is not limited to her glowy skin, but it has a lot to do with her hair. A look at her hair may convince you that she does nothing but spend ample time on various far-flung beaches. But that’s not true… The real secret behind her sun-kissed hair is the way her hairstylist Bernardo Vasconcelos colors it. Here are some tricks he follows. 

1 || Never Go All Blonde or Brunette

To get Gisele’s effortless hair color, Vasconcelos makes sure to have different shades come through the hair to create a natural effect. 

2 || Choose Something That Suits Your Skin and Hair Type

If it doesn’t suit you, they will never do it… This is how strict Bernardo is when it comes to coloring the hair. He makes sure to choose something that will enhance your skin and hair beauty. Also, he believes that Your hair needs to suit your lifestyle. So it is important to understand if you’re the kind of girl who comes to the salon for a blow-dry every week, or if you’re more likely to go to the salon every six months. If it’s the latter, your hairstylist should create a color that lasts a long time while continuing to look natural. 

3 || The Technique 

The way your colorist color your hair really matters. Gisele’s colorist paints color onto the hair freehand and he puts great emphasis on using as little bleach and color as possible, placing it only where it’s needed. One of the key areas—and a technique visible on Gisele—is including lighter pieces around the face to bring more shine to the skin.

4 || Too Much of a Good Thing is Bad

Anything too harsh or too artificial isn’t flattering and will make you look older, or like you are trying too hard to achieve that look. 

5 || Be Precise With Color Application

The first step to getting any color right is choosing the right person with good expertise to color your hair. Hair like Gisele’s can work on any hair texture or skin tone when done right. If you have curly or afro-textured hair and you go too light at the ends, you can end up losing the curls. If you put too much bleach or color on curls, they can become quite straight, and you don’t get that definition.