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The Latest Makeup Trends To Experiment With This Fall

When a new season rolls around we all think of one main thing which is changing our looks. We start looking out for new trends to try when it comes to clothes, jewelry, hairstyles, and of course makeup. If you tend to get bored with your looks but don’t dare do anything drastic, experimenting with makeup is an easy place to start!

Fall/winter makeup is where you dare to go wild, dramatic, glamorous and just a little weird if you wish to go that far! Taking our inspiration from the runways, check out the latest makeup tips and trends going around that will easily keep you looking fab well into fall.

1 || Electric Eyes


Neons are not just for winter! At Versace, we saw hot pops of neon that put all the subdued fall shades to shame. If your winter wardrobe mainly consists of dark and neutral shades then electric eyeshadow works wonders when strategically applied to the eyes. You could opt for a neon color to highlight the inner corners of your eyes, or you could sweep a neon liner instead.

2 || Red Lips

Red lips are a fall classic no one can deny that. You can be slightly more courageous and pair your red lip with graphic eyes, or you can just downplay the rest of your face and let your lips do the talking. You can go as dark as oxblood lips this fall and still be on-trend.

3 || Glowy Dewy Skin


Gorgeous dewy skin is still very much in, we actually think it’s becoming a classic look. Winter skin is so dry and dull hence the need to embrace glowy hydrated skin. Please note that this look is all about the moisture so please ditch the shimmery highlighter for this one. Pair this with neutral eyeshadow and a smudge of brick lipstick.

4 || Graphic Liner


The graphic liner has gotten really popular in the last few months. Well, with the mask being our new lip makeup, it is not shocking that we have come up with new makeup ideas for the eyes. This fall, opt for something edgy and unleash the makeup artist in you. Take your time getting the right shape and keep some pointed cotton swabs and makeup remover on hand to fix any mistakes.

5 || Reverse Cat Eye


Love the cat-eye look but it is too classic for you? Try the updated version of this season. The reverse cat eye is a fun eye-catching change on the traditional eyeliner. Rather than swiping your liquid liner on your top eyelids as you normally would, this look quite literally flips the trend on its head.

6 || Soap Brows


Soap brows is a technique that requires you to use a product such as a hand soap or gel to brush the brows and mold them into a fluffy more natural shape. Some makeup artists are comparing this technique to having your brows laminated which is another way to give your brows that pushed-up look. The technique is very simple and easy, all you need is a bar of soap, some water or setting spray, and a spoolie brush. Wet the brush lightly, run it across the bar of soap just enough so it won’t lather or turn white, and then push and press your brows in the same direction of hair growth. Brows should be literally glued in place and yet looking very natural, and the soap lasts for hours and hours until you wash it off of course, or sweat a little!

7 || Monochromatic Power


A.K.A monochromatic brown beauty. Match your brown eye shadow to your brown lip color. Don’t forget to add some blush and color to your face at the end so you don\’t look washed out.

8 || Smokey Eyes


Another take on the graphic liner trend is the graphic smokey shadow. Shake things up a bit by adopting any of the latest graphic trends around, do your research as there’s plenty to choose from and you can even pair it with glitter as this is also going strong. Have fun with it.

9 || Accent Stickers


Courtesy: Burberry runway. Why not play a little out of your comfort zone? You don’t need to fill out your entire face with stickers if that’s not your thing, a couple of gems on the outer corners of your eyes or along your cheekbones will give you a very simple yet IG-worthy look.