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Want To Get The Perfect Sun Tan? || Follow These Tips

It is that lovely part of the year where we all enjoy our summer holiday and maybe some beach time. Tan lovers out there know that getting the best color takes effort. You don’t just go sit under the sun and expect getting a “flawless tan”. Sorry, but that’s not how things work. Doing things randomly may cause a serious damage to your skin from sunburns, strap marks to peeling limbs that could stay there for weeks. To avoid this we have gathered you some tips to safely tan under the sun.

1 || Prep Your Skin

If you want to get an even color and avoid peeling and flaking, it is essential to prep your skin pre sitting in the sun. A week before you get to the beach, invest in a good scrub to keep your skin smooth and soft. Moisturize daily.

2 || Apply The Right Sunscreen

What’s the point if you apply the wrong product really? The secret behind a great tan is SPF. And no, not all SPFs work… You need to choose one with a broad spectrum sunscreen with UVA&UVB protection and if you burn easily opt for a higher factor, ideally 30 or 50. Don\’t forget to reapply.

3 || Tan-Accelerating Supplements Not Creams

Swap your tan-accelerating creams for supplements. Nothing you apply to your skin can increase melanin production. But taking a daily dose of 25g beta-caretone supplement can. This pigment protect your skin and boosts its defense against UV. But that doesn’t mean applying less sunscreen. Imedeen Tan Optimizer is a good option that will prepare your skin for the sun and protect the cells from oxidative stress using antioxidants.

4 || You Need Some Shade

Tanning does not mean that you have to sit directly under the sun all the time. Taking breaks from the sun is actually necessary for a healthier tan. It will also reduce sunburn risks and UV intensity.

5 || Do You Understand Your Tanning Timing?

You need to understand when exactly does your skin starts to darken? This happens when your cells physically can’t produce any more melanin. So sitting by the beach all day doesn’t make any sense. That said, 2-3 hours under the sun are more than enough to reach your melanin cut-off point (much less if you have fair skin). After that you will not be doing your skin any favor, you are actually subjecting it to the risk of UV damage.

6 || Fake It Till You Make It

A spray tan offers no protection from UVA or UVB rays, so you will still tan but you will also need to wear sun cream too. This will just make you fit in the picture and avoid the pale white skin that is almost blinding to those sitting on the beach.